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Project Title: Fairy Garden, the Empire of Health
Nt. LLP link: 013-1-HU1-COM06-10237 4
Reference number: 13-PM-165-BN-HU

1. Weöres Sándor Általános és Művészeti Iskola - Gyömrő - Hungary - COORDONATOR
2. Bóbita Preschool of the Municpality of Gyömrő - Gyömrő - Hungary
3. Şcoala Gimnazială “Ion Agârbiceanu” - Alba Iulia - Romania
4. Dörtyol Anadolu Sağlık Meslek Lisesi - Dörtyol - Turkey
5. Grădiniţa cu Program Prelungit Nr.6 - Bistriţa – Romania
6. Instituto Comprensivo Statale No. 1 - Lanciano - Italy

Project period: 2013-2015

Our project for institution development is attained by the partnership of seven institutions from three countries. We study and form the indicators of health at the different levels of schools from preschools to high schools.
The title of our health development project for institutions is “Fairy Garden, the Empire of Health”.
'What is the most rigorous law of our being? Growth. No smallest atom of our moral, mental, or physical structure can stand still a year. It grows / it must grow; nothing can prevent it.' - Mark Twain
Institutions have to meet the needs of our changing age. The basic idea of our project came from the analysis of the state of affairs at the institutions. Through our partnerships it became obvious for us that in the struggling Europe, countries situated so far from each other encounter with the same difficulties.
Health is the source of our everyday life, the base of our physical, mental and social wellbeing In order to attain it we have to be able to meet our needs, and to change our environment. We hope that our two year project will fundamentally reform the institutions.
It will have an effect on the cooperation between the different levels of education, the organization of institutions, their structures and life.
The planned project for 2013-2015, the Fairy Garden will be built and formed for two years.
At the end of the second year the gates of the Fairy Garden will be opened at an outdoor exhibition, and there will be the Empire of Health.
The achieved success of the two years, international achievements in institution development and in the maintenance of our health will be presented here:


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